Learn about US Vice President “Kamala Harris” Jamaican Heritage

As reported hours ago Joe Biden is the person expected be America’s next president(president elect) however his right hand personnel, VP Kamala Harris’ win was vital for black people across the world including Jamaicans, highlighting our ability to be world leaders.

According to Van Jones, it’s now easier to be a black person, a father, a Muslim etc in America, he also explains that this will remind us that character matters and being a good persons matters, inciting that Trump is not fit to continue running the country.


It’s widely noted that Kamala also has her eyes on the top spot, last year Harris ran as a candidate to become the leader of the democrats however this time she stood beside Biden as his running mate despite having issues in the past.

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The Joe campaign heavily featured Kamala with the democrats’ artwork stating “Biden” above the name “Harris” in white. Biden stated months ago that he picked Kamala has his running mate because he believes that she would be the best person to help him win the election.

According to a democrat friend of Kamala, she as been fighting at every stage in her career while another stated that she was consistent and up for a challenge “She will always stand up for what she thinks is right”.

Many persons did not know that Harris is the daughter of a Jamaican male and Indian female who both moved from their country to live in the USA, Kamala Harris was born in in Oakland, California, see her parents below.

Kamala recently joked about smoking weed because she has Jamaican lineage, something her father did not take kindly to as he felt that she was stereotyping Jamaicans.

Her Jamaican father became an economics professor at Stanford University while her mother is a breast cancer researcher. According to Kamala her parents taught her the importance of fighting for democracy and civil rights.

According to a friend of her father, Kamala would have embodied some of the confidence she has from her father who was born in Jamaica.

The leader of Jamaica, Hon Andrew Holness took to twitter to congratulate Biden and Harris on their win. He also reminded his followers that Kamala Harris is from Jamaican Heritage.

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