LGBT Community in Trinidad and Tobago wants to Block Buju Banton’s Concert

[Sharingbuttons]The LGBT community in Trinidad and Tobago has targeted Buju Banton because of a song he did many years in 1993 “Boom Bye Bye” even though he has not performed any other song with anti-gay lyrics after that.

The Reggae singer is booked to perform at a concert there, but the LGBT community could have it canceled. He has explained that he was much younger when he did that song and he will not be doing any more songs like it. They are determined to stop him from performing in their country. 


Buju will be released from prison on December 8 and the LGBT community is working hard to prevent him from performing at the concert that was booked for April next year in Trinidad and Tobago. Even though the song was done so long ago, it is still being played in many islands and the song is seen as murder music by the LGBT community.

The Artist who will continue his career in the music business will be going back to Jamaica as soon as he is free. Jamaicans are looking forward to welcoming home, so they can see him perform again after such a long time.


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