Likkle Vybz To Be A Father

Friday, August 20, 2021, 11:42 AM GMT-5

Likkle Vybz the son of legendary Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, has stepped up his game of being a man by joining his brother Likkle Addi on the Fatherhood journey, as an Instagram page that goes by the name @vybzkartelvine posted a picture showing the young UTG posing with his pregnant girlfriend.

This unfoldment has now put Vybz Kartel in the position to be the grandfather of two children, after he got his first by way of his younger son Likkle Addi who it was revealed in 2020, got his girlfriend pregnant.

The “Worl Boss” himself, has always promoted the idea of being a good and responsible father and has spoken in several interviews of the way he is always there for his children, as his father was there for him, teaching him to eventually become a man.

What is certainly clear is that Vybz Kartel’s sons have begun to walk in his footsteps as both Likkle Vybz, and Likkle Addi have started their musical careers already having massive hits in the dancehall space as they look to carry on their father’s legacy.

It would definitely be interesting to hear “Di Teacha’s” outlook on the situation even though we know that it more than likely will be a mood of celebration, just like he did when the news of Likkle Addi’s girlfriend being pregnant broke, even though there were naysayers because of his age.

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