Lil Boosie Vacations In Jamaica

Lil Boosie is vacationing in Jamaica with his family and friends, a visit that has aroused the interest of several Jamaican men who either wants to get with Lil Boosie’s mother or his daughter.

The Louisiana rapper went on live on Instagram on April 11 while he was chilling with his friends and family near a pool when his mother comes out in a bathing suit saying she was going in the water. The rapper then started teasing his mother about her bathing suit saying she needed to “put on a two-piece” and “let them cheeks hang out.”

It was during this time of laughter and teasing that the 39-year-old rapper went on to say that his mother had caught the attention of a man who was checking her out at a restaurant. “You saw that old man waving at you at that restaurant, flirting with you!” he said.

Sometime after, the rap veteran hopped on Instagram again to reveal men were also making moves on his daughter. In the short video, Lil Boosie, rightfully named Torrence Hatch, recorded his daughter who was covering her face while he spoke about the guy she was talking to.

“All these men, all these niggas tryna get with my daughter,” he stated, and as he continued he also added that her black skin had them fooled that she was from Jamaica.

Hatch was also seen representing the Jamaican culture, sporting the Rastafarian coloured marina and a matching dreadlocks wig hat. He also switched up his look with a Bob Marley bandana hanging from his pocket.

He did not stop there as he went on to make it known that his “favorite Movie” as a child was Coll Runnings, check out his statement below.

Check out the videos below.

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