Lil Uzi Vert’s Pink Diamond Piercing Ripped From Forehead at Concert

People have always found creative ways to express themselves and one of those avenues usually appears in the form of piercings, which have evolved over the years from just a mere ear accessory to now involve the strangest places on the body.

Rapper Lil Uzi Vert was one of those persons who decided that his piercings would be a little bit different to fit the image he wanted so he got several.


In recent times, however, the entertainer bought a pink diamond, which he pierced in the middle of his forehead, claiming that he placed it there so he would not lose it. There is a reason for his actions too, considering the rock’s value of $24 million which the rapper says he saved up for years for.

As this year went by people all over began to see ‘Uzi’, wearing the diamond in the forehead spot but saw him take it out once, only getting it back in place for the Rolling Loud Festival held in July.

The show was almost a sad time for the entertainer though, who amid his performance jumped off the stage in a crowd that unfortunately ripped the Diamond from its place. Luckily for Lil Uzi Vert he only received minor injuries from the incident and the rock was returned.

Earlier this year, the “Money Longer” rapper posted a picture showing the Diamond in his forehead with blood drooling from it claiming that if it is not removed properly he might seriously lose his life.

That is the risk Lil Uzi is willing to take for his Diamond, and while many people might think the move is ridiculous, the entertainer thinks it’s the safest way for him to clutch on to his valuable possession.

How far would you go to protect such a $24 million Diamond?.



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