Lisa Hanna Breaks Silence

Monday, May 31, 2021, 8:45 PM GMT-5

PNP Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna broke her silence and began to chastise some of the members of her party. She said bullying and salacious accusations were being used against her by fellow Comrades, but she refused to be frightened away from the PNP.

The PNP spokeswoman for foreign affairs and former treasurer for the party, Lisa Posted several tweets on Saturday to urge her colleagues in the party to desist from the attacks on her, she declared that she wouldn’t be frightened away from the party. She said, over the years, the bullying and foul comments that were hurled towards her by some members within the party, and the use of her name to create public mischief, became commonplace.

The four-time MP for St Ann South Eastern revealed that she had ignored some sorts of propaganda before in order to protect the PNP from any public uproar, as she believed this could cause terrible damage to the proud history of Comrade civility that existed. She believes her public silence over the years has been perceived by some people, as consent and acceptance of the labels they attached to her work ethic.

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Hanna did not call names or mention any specific instance in which she was attacked. But she saw letters to the editor and social media posts which, linked her to Karen Cross, the PNP member whose accusations plunged General Secretary Dr Dayton Campbell into a scorching sex scandal involving some underage girls.

She said she is a supporter, who is in the streets, asking the PNP not to ask Dr Dayton Campbell to step aside.

 She is a former JLP member hence some comrades gossip about she being an agent of the JLP. They said since she joined the PNP, the party took a nosedive. Lisa was accused of voting against the party and her councillor and undermining the Most Hon Portia Simpson Miller.

In a robust defence of herself, Hanna, who was the 1993 winning Miss World beauty queen, said she served the PNP as MP, Cabinet minister, chairman of Region One, executive member and treasurer. Her experiences had taught her that politics is not made for the weak nor faint-hearted; and it is not perfect, but it works and it is far better than the resignation to do nothing. She is now in her fourth term as MP and her third term seated on the Opposition benches.

She revealed that her actions were predicated on representing the people who were under-represented even on matters that are not popular. Therefore, in order to protect her reputation and integrity against those who were intent on creating mischief continuously, she says desist. It will take more to frighten her out of her commitment to people of Jamaica and the PNP.

Hanna believes it is in times like these that persons need courage, even if it means you are standing alone on principle or choosing your battles unwisely that might adversely affect your personal ambition. She said, if the party fails, everyone will find themselves walking backwards alone into the future with their eyes closed.

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See some of her tweets below.

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