Lisa Hyper Disrespects Intence

Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 3:13 PM GMT-5

Lisa Hyper has taken to her instagram once more addressing another issue that has since sparked up following a string of controversies behind her name.

This time the female artist who is known as the “Gaza First Lady” expressed that she doesn’t want young dancehall artist Intence to throw words at her in his songs and just address her clearly as he does not know her.

It is not clear as to what song Intence had thrown words at Lisa Hyper in however the female deejay is telling Intence to leave her name alone going to the extent of jeering the artist.

It has been said in recent times that Foota Hype worked voodoo on Intence causing his most recent car crash.

Lisa Hyper also mentioned that what Intence is doing is a “girl style” and in closing she let her fans know that if Intence wants to start a war with her all he needs to do is to call her name also mentioning that she previously used one song to kill everybody including Intence who rose up against her boss Vybz Kartel.

Lisa Hyper is currently promoting her new track entitled “Sin city” with chronic law as well as is frequently spreading the news about her upcoming “Phoenix” album.

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