Lisa Hyper, Sikka Rhymes Update

In a recent interview, Lisa Hyper said Sikka Rhymes is recovering nicely, he can now eat and talk, he is even quite cheerful. She said he is focused on returning to what he did before, as he loves his career in the music business a lot.

When she was asked if she had any idea why someone would want to shoot him, she said she believes it was envy, because Sikka was a humble person, he was never in any conflict with anyone, even his lyrics were always non-violent.


She said, “the family was praying for him as they know that the family who prays together stays together. She believes the Doctors will keep him in the hospital until he is fully recovered, so she doesn’t know when he will be released yet.”

He is recovering after he was shot three times, Lisa said, “one of the shots went straight through his foot, but the other two lodged in him.”

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