LISTEN: Gio’s Leaked Voice Messages

Monday, May 2, 2022, 8:37 PM

Voice messages have been leaked said to be of social media influencer Gio, from the popular YouTube channel Gio and Ken, speaking about a sum of money he should get from an individual.

The voice messages were leaked in the midst of scamming rumours that have been circulating the internet about the YouTube couple being involved in scamming individuals by pretending to deliver promotional services in return for a fee.


Gio and Ken, who built their brand together from their playful relationship of pranking each other, denied being involved in the illegal activity on multiple occasions via social media.

The couple, who had been missing from the internet for over a month, explained that they were wrongfully reported to the police by individuals who were being scammed by fan pages.

However, seemingly incriminating evidence has recently been leaked showing messages from Gio being told the individual has a Bank of America account and they are from Florida. The following messages are voice notes and one of them is played with Gio voice explaining the money.

“Weh mi do a load di account dem… based pan like how long you have it and the history…. So I would have to see like the history inna the account fi tell yuh how much can drop pan the account exactly,” he said. “When mi drop the money you get 50%, me get 50%.”

Gio also told the individual to use Zelle, CashApp or Apple Pay to send his cash.

The video that was posted to Dream on IG received a lot of comments claiming Gio was now caught red-handed in his schemes. Few persons suggested that the audio was fake and a few other persons were inquiring if the recording was a prank.

lia_daggreatest_ said, “But this look like a add them add the sound because the voicenote lines not moving.”

Sharing the belief that it is fake, petagayy__ asked, “So how the voice note inna d video seh 3 seconds and him a talk so long?”

However, trilogy_for_ever, who was convinced like some others, stated, “Di fucka dem thief an lie. Fucking scamma dem.”

Listen below.

A second voice message has also been leaked which social media personality Ivany received and shared with her fans. In this recording, Gio is requesting the username and password from a female who agrees to send them in a text. Gio tells the female he will make some checks after receiving the information and then proceed with their arrangement after receiving her approval.

After playing the voice messages, Ivany laughed while stating she has no idea what was going on in the recording, which sounds very suspicious.

Check out the video below.

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