Little Boy Says “Don’t f*king touch my stuff, btch! I will kill you,” Spits at Sister and Fights Grandmother in Viral Video

Tuesday, November 21, 2023, 1:33 PM GMT-5

A family has caught the attention of thousands online after an unpleasant situation involving a child imitating a gangster erupted inside a restaurant.

The family; a woman with her grandchildren, was recorded by seemingly another customer seated nearby. The recording that has many criticising the family, shows the little boy standing in his seat as he creates quite a scene.


The boy, who refused to sit, could be seen yelling at his grandmother about not touching his belongings. The situation quickly escalated when he warned his older sister about touching his stuff. The angry child blurted out expletives as he told his sibling, “Don’t f**king touch my stuff, b*tch! I will kill you.”

Siding with the angry child, the grandmother told his sister not to touch his food, and the boy continued to throw a tantrum by trying to hit his sister with a paper bag.

Not stopping there, the boy flipped up the gang hand sign for the notorious Crips street gang. The child, who was reprimanded for showing the sign, continued to do the gang sign, and his sister argued about being embarrassed.

Saying he is a Crip gang member, the brother spat at his sister, and he was again reprimanded with a slap from his grandmother, but the little boy fought back.

Watch the video of the family below:

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