Logan Paul Suing Floyd Mayweather For Not Paying Him For Exhibition Match

February 11, 2022

YouTube superstar Logan Paul is in a fit of anger as he has reported to the popular Hip Hop news medium TMZ, that he has not gotten any money for the fight that took place between him and Floyd Mayweather last year.

The fight took place in June, at the Hard Rock Stadium where the two faced off in an exhibition match, however, Logan said in terms of payment he has not gotten a thing, and as such is looking to sue the famous boxer.


TMZ met up with the well-known YouTuber at Saddle Ranch on Thursday where he made them know that Mayweather’s actions are bullshit. Out of his boiling anger against the boxer, Paul said “It’s Floyd Mayweather. Before we fought him, we were kind of willing to do whatever. Now after the fact, we’re kind of shooting ourselves in the foot because he’s a “f***ing scumbag.”

The youtube celebrity also made it known that Mayweather has reached out to him for a rematch, however, Paul is not with it due to him being upset about his payment.

Even when the exhibition match made a cash haul and Floyd has made millions already from his career Paul says there still has not been any compensation so he will be taking actions against the big money boxer in the form of a lawsuit.

As such when the famous athlete reached out to him for the rematch he simply told him to “SUCK A D**k”.

Just to make it known the level of financial compensation an athlete like Floyd Mayweather has been making, it is even alleged by Forbes that the boxer was paid $275 million for one fight which involved Conor Mcgregor.

In caution to those persons who are interested in doing something similar with Floyd, Logan Paul has made it clear that they should not let the boxer handle the money, but regardless he still expressed that the moment was one of the most interesting occasions of his life.


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