Luciano Gets in Altercation with Another Rastafarian While on Stage – Watch Video

Veteran Reggae artiste Luciano got into an altercation during a show while on stage with another Rastafarian.

A video of the altercation has been circulating on social media, but the date and location of the incident are not yet clear.

In the video, Luciano appears to be at a small community event and can be seen on stage confronting an unidentified man.

During the confrontation, Luciano grabbed a microphone from the man and questioned, “Wah kine a bad energy yuh come up yah wid?”

However, initially, the rasta man who was chased off the stage by the veteran rastaman also grabbed the mic from another rasta artiste who was onstage performing moments before. As a result, Luciano confronted the initial aggresser.

Luciano told the man that he had “no behaviour” before he exited the stage, “come off!”.

Watch the video and view some of the reactions below.

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