Footage Shows Male Teacher and Female Student in Physical Altercation Reportedly in Portland – Watch Video

After a heated verbal altercation turned physical in a classroom, a female student was hit multiple times by a male adult who was seemingly her teacher. The chaotic incident was captured on video, reportedly at a school in Portland, and is circulating online.

The video, which was recorded amid the argument between the student and her teacher, did not reveal what initiated the confrontation.

However, in the video, the teacher instructs the student who was standing by the classroom door to “guh sidung” and shoves her. During this time the schoolgirl shoots at the teacher, telling him to let her go outside.

The disagreement became more physical after the teacher shoved her a second time, with the pair grabbing and pushing each other.

Despite attempts by other female students to stop the teacher, he proceeded to hold her down on the ground, seemingly by the throat, and slapped her while asking, “Yah idiot?”

It was not until several moments later that the teacher let her go amid the girl’s shouts and pleas from another student.

Reacting to the video one viewer called the altercation “Dysfunction at its highest form.”

View more reactions to the fight below.

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