Student and Teacher’s Altercation Caught on Camera – Watch Video

As concerns continue to be raised about violence in Jamaican schools, an altercation between a male student and a teacher in a classroom was captured on camera.

Several incidents in schools over the past few years have led to the development and exploration of multiple conflict resolution programmes and initiatives. While these programmes have aimed to equip students with the skills to de-escalate tense altercations, the issue remains a problem in many educational facilities.

In a video currently circulating online, one such heated altercation can be seen unfolding between a student and a man who is seemingly a teacher. The footage was captured in a classroom, but the date of the incident and the name of the school are not known.

Altercation Between Male Student and Teacher Caught on Camera – Watch Video

The video was seemingly taken by another student and appears to have been recorded during the middle of an argument between the teacher and the male student. In the video, the teacher can be heard telling a young man who was over a wall at one end of the classroom to “come dung, come dung come dweet, come dung come dweet bwoi.”

The student proceeded to jump from the wall and confront the teacher, who questioned if he was a “bad man.” This further infuriated the student, who then grabbed the teacher’s throat and shoved him after he seemingly threatened to slap the educator.

Before walking away, the student appears to have threatened the teacher for a second time.

Reacting to the video, many social media users expressed outrage over the young man’s behaviour.

“This child is a reflection of the community and the PARENTS FOR SURE!!” one viewer wrote.

Another viewer highlighted the unfairness of the situation by noting that the teacher would have been reprimanded if he had retaliated. “Schoolaz fi have respect and manners bro g. Caz if teachers dare retaliate dem inna problem.”

View more reactions from the footage capturing the altercation between the teacher and student below.

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