Thursday, March 14, 2019, 2:19 PM GMT-5

Recording dancehall artiste Macka Diamond and longtime spouse Spotlight has officially declared their relationship over. And the artiste insists that the separation isn’t a form of publicity stunt for the masses but in fact the break up is real.

The entertainer told a sources that despite Spotlight coming out to the public proclaiming his love and his interest to married her, she has not heard from him about two weeks now.

She also believes they may have reached the end of the road as far as their relationship is concerned.

She stated that, “We argue all the time, but this time was worse. You know dem type a cussing deh weh a bear rough words towards each other full a destruction. I had to rethink everything and I’m still in that mode, it’s the first time I feel like I don’t care if I don’t hear back from him since that.”

The Holahoop singer said that Spotlight has accused her of cheating and has blocked her from his social media pages.

She has also unfollowed him and is now puzzled as to why he would release a video seemingly trying to reconcile.

She said that while Spotlight has been accusing her of being unfaithful in their relationship. She believes he is the one who has been unfaithful throughout their relationship.

“He said things that made me think he was just using the argument as an excuse to see other women, remember him cuss me already two days before Valentine’s and then after, so that made me think he was playing around with someone. We argue all the time, but for some reason this time was different.”

But when sources contacted Spotlight, he brushed off Macka’s claims.

“Wow, I’m in shock, I’ve never cheated on her. I’m just shocked,” he said.

Macka Diamond says that she is now focusing on healing and working on herself. But although she thinks it’s over between them,if Spotlight wants to talk things out, she says she’s open to having a discussion if he reaches out to her privately.

“I love this man, we were friends for 12 years,and then we have a relationship one year and felt comfortable with each other. If he calls, it time to answer,” she said.

The entertainer said that if things don’t work themselves out, she will be just fine with moving on and ‘doing’ her.

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