Macka Diamond Ventures into Vaginal Steaming Business

Wednesday, September 25, 2019, 8:24 PM GMT-5

Macka Diamond is now planning to start a few health and wellness-related businesses including a vaginal steaming business, with her brand Pink Pearl Steaming and a YouTube Channel named Naturally Happy,this is a concept that was developed when her fans wanted to know her health secrets that contributed to her slimmer-younger-looking body, the Channel is set to begin soon.

She spoke about many things as she did a media interview on a live stream with a local television channel, it was shared on Instagram.


She plans to come out with her natural spa steaming for women’s private parts. Women who suffer from having painful menstrual problems can sit over the steam and feel better.

Charmaine Munroe aka Macka Diamond says her new plans are influenced by her weight loss and a change in her diet.
She has also released a new song “Cucumber” for which she got rave reviews.

She explained how she got the idea to do the “Cucumber” song, after she listened to a rhythm from Lovestar Productions. She remembered how much she loved cucumber juice when she was growing up and decided to talk about cucumber, musically and things fell in place.

She spoke about working on herself, looking good and feeling better, keeping a trim waistline, maintaining her shape and feeling stronger. She also said 2019 was one of her best years, she got a lot of bookings in Canada, the US and Seychelles and she won’t retire from music any time soon.

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