Mackerel Gone Silent Since Onstage Interview

Monday, May 6, 2019, 1:49 PM

Mackerel has become a popular entertainer in Jamaica recently because of videos that went viral on the internet. The 18-year-old new song and slang has created a buzz. However, she didn’t expect the public to respond to it in such a way. The song was written by Kalado and he just asked her to sing it and now she is thinking that she might do another song so she can continue being successful.

Her popular slang “Tek Weh People Man” has caused mixed reactions, she is being bashed by some persons and loved by others.


Jenny Jenny a popular radio personality in Jamaica has called her a prostitute and she wants an apology because she does not sleep around. She said she only sang about taking men from women because it is something that has happened many times before even in the Bible and she believes it will happen in the future as well.

Mackerel whose real name is Ladesha Francis spoke about having a baby at age 13 with a much older man and how it happened because she was looking for love.

She started crying after she spoke about the way her mother treated her while she was growing up and how much pain she felt when her mother told her brother to burn her with a hot iron because they were trying to get her awake.

Since her viral Onstage interview over the weekend Mackerel has been noticeably absent from online and even though her mother sent out a video response Mackerel is yet to respond nor post her usual promo or comedic drama videos online.

We can almost be certain that Mackerel will respond to what her mother has to say about her, the two usually have not so nice words for each other.



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