“How was last Night?” Marvin and Mackerel Date Night Set For May 23rd [Video]

They made a video first hugging online now they are on IG live talking all type of intimate things. Mackerel plays “Please me baby” song for Marvin as he compliments her about her good good.

“Mi like yo shirt goodie” says Marvin to which Mackerel replied stating “a u mi wear it fah”.


“Mine yo mek them bussup my head again” Mackerel jokes about getting hit in her head with stone before. The two went on and on “something about yo” Mackerel says.

[Youtube ytcode=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fFIAqg9Yqi8″]


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WATCH: Mackerel is Dexta Daps Biggest Fan [Video]

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