Mackerel’s Mother Against Her Taking People Man “She is Legally Blind”

April 19, 2019

“like any good mother I want her to be professional.. taking people man is not professional and I don’t care what she wants to say at the end of the day she is missing out she is mashing up her life and herself” Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis’s Mother Sherlette Black told a Star reporter.

Mackerel’s mother went on to state that Mackerel don’t talk to her much since she got the fame, she is the one who is always calling Mackerel nowadays.


“i would want her to start her career somewhere else other than taking peoples man” Sherlette Black states that last time she saw Mackerel was on the 3rd of March, went on to state that whenever she asks Mackerel where she is going Mackerel would answer in a disrespectful way saying “i don’t want to tell anybody… then she would style me, mi nah tell nuh body weh me a guh.. then she would call her brother and tell him, she verbally abuses me.. she curses me real hard”

Sharlette also stated Mackerel ran away from home twice, the first time she ran away she was 12 years old, she went missing for one month and returned pregnant, the next time she ran away she took her baby with her.

According to Miss Black in 2007 Mackerel was going through hard times and returned to her “she could not find her way, she came back to me again and i was there for her”, “she was never abandoned … i don’t know why she doesn’t like me, what I did I don’t know” Miss Black also states that Mackerel was at her home the day before the video went viral.

The Image

“I feel really bad… pretty much I’m a comedian” and went on to explain that her daughter could be comedic in a more clean way.

Mackerel’s Mother also tells a story about Ladasha telling others that her mother gives her $250 to go school daily but her man gives her $500 daily. Says from then she realize that her daughter would do anything for money.

One person commented stating “Thank you mom! I was so turned off when I heard the interview and the nasty names she is being called and the fact that she wants to take people’s man as a response ”


Vision problem
Does She still have a vision problem? Macker’s mother replied “She still, that is why her eye twitches… She had a cataract extraction… she is legally blind, once you pass for school for the blind”, “I told her that we all went to the School for the Blind, and it worked well for a lot of us. I told her I wanted her to excel in life, and so on. However, just a few hours after I spoke with her, her father called me to say that she had not returned home from school.

Upon further research about Sherlette Black, we found out that she appeared in a couple of articles years ago prior to Mackerel’s fame. The topic of the articles was around her blindness and dream to become a teacher.

Sherlette Black is 44 years and her daughter Ladasha ‘Mackerel’ Francis is 18 years old.


Below is Mackerel’s mother performing at JAMAICA INDEPENDENCE 53 Show!


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Mackerel told sources that she has no significant other at the moment and is content because other people’s men are just fine with her.

She said while some men bash her for her honesty, people must acknowledge that their significant other may be cheating on them with someone else. And in some instances, some women are doing the same thing and playing the hypocrite role, she made it clear she has nothing to hide.

“People man caa stop tek because at the end of the day, mi enjoy people man. Mi nuh have nuh responsibilities when Mi a tek a gyal man. Yuh nuh affi wash, cook or clean, mi just do way me fi do n collect,” she said.

Francis, who is a pass student of the HEART Academy in Stony Hill, St Andrew, said her now well-known name ‘Mackerel’ originated from her days at school. She said that as far back as she can remember she always loved to make people laugh and went on to say that she’s always dreaming of becoming a comedian actress, she plans to go for professional training at the Edna Manley School of the visual and Performing Arts.


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