Main Tips for Writing an Essay About Music

Friday, March 18, 2022, 7:38 AM GMT-5


Writing an essay is always a challenge in that every time you write one, it has to be different. It has to introduce something new. At least, that’s the way it should be. When it comes to writing an essay about a subject as diverse and inspirational as music, you can’t afford to write a long-winded, boring piece. 

Overall, you need to follow best practices and established academic standards in essay writing. Given the diversity of the theme, you should perhaps be more discerning about the type of music and your essay question or thesis. At a minimum, your choice of these should not be any less exciting than your favorite musical piece. Read our tips to come up with an essay that will help you stand out.

  • Choose a genre

Music is too broad an art form to be encompassed by one essay. Pick a genre you know best and enjoy most. Do some additional research to bring yourself up to speed on all the latest developments. Base your arguments on facts and avoid bias. You can also try to choose a genre that is less researched. Ideally, this should give you some hints and cues about your essay subject and main thesis. 

  • Structure 

To follow best practices in essay writing, your essay should have three essential parts – an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Those who had a chance to buy research paper from GrabMyEssay know how professional writers structure their papers to formulate content.

The introduction explains the goal of the essay and your key message or thesis. It prepares your audience for what to expect in the main body. If your essay is longer than five pages, add some background information under a separate heading or subheading for easier flow.

In the main body, you dig deep into details. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to structure your points and arguments. The conclusion sums up your essay. This is where you reiterate your key message and end it with some snappy statement.

  • Style

The style really depends on your audience. If done for your college, it has to be academic. If it’s for social media, it’s better to use conversational language. In any case, you won’t make a mistake by using short sentences and the active voice while avoiding redundancies and grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Content – Make It Inspiring!

Don’t be boring and predictable in your essay. After all, you’re writing about music! Draw inspiration from the best apps for music students to come up with an essay that is equally powerful and emotionally charging. 

Try to be creative by offering an alternative or unconventional take on things. Don’t be afraid to challenge or question. Use words to stimulate thinking. Make it relevant and fun to read.


Writing an essay about music must be an engaging and enjoyable experience. Since it’s an essay, you need to follow the same rules, standards, and best practices that apply to conventional essay writing. Still, you can make it more interesting by choosing the right topic, the right style, and engaging content. 

Make sure your essay is consistent and coherent. Your goal is to achieve a kind of harmony and synergy that makes every great musical piece a joy to listen to.


Carl Hill has been advising students on the best practices in essay writing for more than 15 years. As a professional writer, he has been providing online essay writing services himself. The range of topics Carl has covered throughout his impressive career includes art, sports, science, and many more.

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