Majah Hype arrested and Slapped with Several Charges related to Kirby

Friday, January 29, 2021, 10:57 AM

In striking news today, comedian Majah Hype has been arrested in Cobb County, United States on several serious charges and a massive bond fee.

Hype who is officially known as Nigel Theron was arrested at approximately 9:30 last night and according to the charge sheet that surfaced on the internet the comedian was subjected to charges of felony, terroristic threats, Kidnapping, and simple battery.


Majah Hype might have thought that he was off the hook with his ex-spouse Kirby whose name he has tattooed on him however, that is not the case as she has been working assiduously on the case to get back at the entertainer.

The bond given to Hype is at 16,720 USD, which in Jamaican dollars would be $2,446,995.

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Another surprising piece of information that was discovered about the comedian is that he was born in New York, and not Trinidad or Jamaica as was previously because he has been doing Caribbean skits since the beginning of his career.

People have been accusing Majah Hype of lying since he proclaimed his innocence for not abusing Kirby, however now that it is also clear that he was not born in the Caribbean might have further dampening effects on his career, combined with the arrest and corresponding charges.

The story is now very well known by many that his ex, went on social media telling her followers and friends of the abuse that she has been facing at the hands of Hype, which was counteracted several times by the comedian with text messages, and leaked videos of Kirby cheating.

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