Majah Hype talks about New Death Threats from Kirby’s Boyfriend

Majah Hype who was the talk of the town in late 2020 his coming forward to inform his fans that the saga between himself and his ex-girlfriend continues and he is now getting death threats and his address is leaked.

According to Majah Hype he went and report the situation because he is not taking the threats lightly, he also stated that he won’t call any names because the person is a cloth chaser.


He went on to tell the person sending threats that he should stop because he got his girl back “you won… you got her back” he stated giving fans reason to believe that he is talking about Kirby’s current boyfriend.

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He went on to state that he did not go live to get validation nor sympathy from anybody, he only went live to document his current situation.

“I just want to live my life and move on” the Caribbean comedian outlines.

“I’m happy for ya’ll leave me and my children alone… they went through enough… they deserve peace right now”, “I’m tired of this I’m drained i have had enough” Majah chants.

He also touches on the topic about the sex tapes, saying that himself and Kirby and her other boyfriend knows how the tapes got out.

Watch the live chat below.

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