Foota Hype gives Stern Warning to Majah Hype in brewing Feud

A feud seemingly is brewing between the two Hypes, the entertainers who currently resides in the USA, Majah Hype and Foota Hype both of Caribbean descent seems to have a lot in common but different opinions when it comes to the Kirby alleged abuse saga.

Following accusations of domestic violence and exposure of private images and X-rated video footages of his estranged wife Latisha Kirby a few days ago, Majah came under fire from fans who commented their thoughts about the allegations that he had abused his former lover.


One very popular internet vlogger by the name, Foota Hype took it upon himself to give his advice on what he believes could help Majah Hype going forward since the publicised stories surrounding him and his x-lover.

Majah posted a video online shading Foota Hype saying, he pays rent while he Majah, pays mortgage among other shades such as sarcasm directed at vloggers who were active Disc Jokies at one point but now have nothing to do but speak on another’s demise or hardship in a scandalous way to bring them down.

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Majah also said such vloggers have no talent. Majah went a little further mentioning the word “selector” followed by “badmind people, we need a vaccine for them especially”.

Many believes he’s referring to Foota Hype and are picking their side in the comments.

In somewhat of a clap back attempt, Foota Hype admitted that he does pay rent and even stated that rent and mortgage are similar things (don’t worry we know they are not that similar), now we see comprehension is vital.

Majah didn’t state any name(s) and Foota Hype acknowledged that fact, however, Foota Hype still gave a stern warning to Majah via YouTube, telling him that he will be coming at him 100% if Majah Hype says his name disrespectfully.

Foota doesn’t think that he was doing anything wrong or disrespectful by heeding Majah Hype to do the right thing and not follow up the scandal regarding him and Kirby on social media.

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