3 New Sex Tapes Of “Kirby”, MaJah Hype’s Ex Leaked

3 more sex videos reportedly of Majah Hype’s ex-partner Kirby, have surfaced which puts a question mark on everything she said about abuse earlier, in terms of the allegations being true or not.

She came out recently, in a video apologizing to her family and friends for being withdrawn, stating that the level of abuse she received from Hype over a year placed her in that state of mind.

Latesha aka Kirby also released photos of her having a black and blued eye, along with a cut on her arm which suggests that she was badly damaged by the comedian.

She even stated in her initial video that she never once cheated on Majah Hype, however many are beginning to see through her statements since the release of the first sex tape with her, which she stated was done over 10 years ago.

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In the video, however, is shown an iPhone that did not exist 10 years ago, which proves that there was some inconsistency with the information she gave.

To increase the shock of her situation, even more, three more sex tapes have been released with Kirby, not with the same man, but different men in all videos.

This puts her in the hot seat as she has even begun the process to start taking legal actions against Majah Hype, who also came out online and expressed his deep hurt about the matter, as well as to show text message “receipts” of her planning to cheat.

The freshly dropped videos, shows her going all out with her sexual fantasies, doing things that one can only see happening in ex-rated movies.

The tapes lead to the question of legitimacy, where her statements of abuse are concerned as it is now obvious that she blatantly told lies on her videos about cheating unless the videos are age-old ones.

People who have seen the video, however, are stating that she looks the same in the videos as she does now, and they only lead one to think what her response to the new leaks will be.

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