Male Defendant Pleads Guilty in the Kidnapping/Murder Case of Phillip Paulwell’s Daughter and Her Mother

Thursday, October 26, 2023, 4:29 PM

A male defendant in the ongoing kidnapping/murder case of Toshyna Patterson and her daughter Sarayah Paulwell has pleaded guilty.



Patterson and Sarayah were both killed, and their remains burnt and disposed of after they were kidnapped from their home on September 9. The three male defendants and the police’s main suspect, Leoda Bradshaw, were arrested earlier this month and subsequently charged with the pair’s kidnapping and murder.

During his appearance at the Home Circuit Court on Thursday, one of the men pleaded guilty to two counts of murder and two counts of kidnapping. According to reports, the man drove his male co-defendants to the area where the deceased were killed.

After the murders, the man is said to have been paid by Bradshaw, who allegedly travelled from the U.S. to Jamaica with the sole intention of having Patterson and her daughter killed. The 34-year-old had allegedly taken out a $500,000 murder contract for their deaths.

The identity of the guilty defendant has not yet been revealed to the public, as there are concerns regarding his safety. The accused men who were arrested and charged alongside Bradshaw were Richard Brown, Rushane Miller and her 30-year-old cousin, Roland Balfour.


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