Male Jamaican Teacher Caught on Camera Draping a Female Student – Watch Video

In a shocking video, a teacher reportedly from Porus High School in Jamaica has been caught on camera engaging in inappropriate behaviour involving a female student. This incident has sparked shock among the school community and some viewers, raising concerns over the safety and well-being of students under the care of educational institutions.

The footage, shared on social media, portrays the teacher, whose identity remains undisclosed, draping the female student and engaging in physical contact that crosses professional boundaries as the female student is backed up in a corner by the teacher. Despite the poor audio in the video, the female student can be heard pleading with the teacher to let go of her uniform blouse.


As the incident occurred; some students gathered around to see what transpired, as other students nonchalantly walked past. The camera recording the encounter did not capture any other teachers in its field of vision at the time in the short video.

The video has brought to light the issues of student-teacher relations and the misuse of authority within educational settings. However, the video posted on Instagram via questimesofficial, had viewers divided on the incident, with the majority of the commenters under the post siding with the teacher and sympathizing with what teachers have to deal with on a daily basis.

There were some commenters who suggested the teacher should resign, as he is not getting enough money for him to be taking responsibility for the discipline of a child in his own hands.


In comparison, some commenters declare that no teacher should be allowed to behave like that towards a student, describing his actions as an assault on the female student.

See the video below:

Male Teacher Draping Female Student


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