Male Nurse Impregnated Female in Vegetative State at Hospital

Newly released police bodycam footage has revealed the moments when police began investigating reports that a patient in a vegetative state at a care facility gave birth to a baby.

The woman had been at the facility in Phoenix, Arizona, for some time, and the staff was completely unaware that she was pregnant. As she was in a vegetative state, the patient could only have become pregnant if she had been sexually assaulted at the facility.



In the footage, female caregivers employed at the facility can be seen trying to comfort another staff member in a state of shock and overcome with emotions after the patient had given birth to a baby boy. The woman was so distraught by the incident that she had to leave as the police continued their investigation and questioned the staff.

One of the caregivers shared the surprising moments she was with the patient when she saw the baby’s head and realised that the woman was in the process of giving birth. The staff revealed that the patient was only allowed female caregivers, and her visitors, which had to be approved, consisted of her mother, sister, and brother.

The police’s investigation later revealed that the patient was raped by a male nurse employed at the care facility.

Watch the video below.


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