Man Allegedly Dies From Obeah Attack

Friday, November 27, 2020, 1:09 PM GMT-5

A man mysteriously passed away recently, and relatives of the man are saying that an Obeah attack, is the reason behind the recent passing of the man.

Reports are that the man whose name is Sackeno ‘Nico’ Ross, apparently woke up with swellings on his body after dreaming that four Police was running him down.


The story was told, by the man’s sister who was there trying to help her brother recover from the sudden illness he is was undergoing.

She stated further that, in the dream, Sackeno told her after being chased by the police, he ran into the house after which he slammed the door in the face one of the police, and then told him about his mother after which he woke up with chest, feet and neck swelling.

He was taken to the St. Joseph’s hospital, after which he was then brought to the Kingston Public Hospital, where it could not be determined what was causing him to be ill.

After checking with his grandmother in St. Thomas, she confirmed that he was attacked by 4 demons that were sent for him. She also stated that he received his first blow after slamming the door in his dream.

The man later died, and most of the relatives are certainly pointing to Obeah. A niece of his stated that the bruises and swellings, that mysteriously appeared on her uncle have now disappeared since his death.

The family physician, Dr. Amherstin Bailey stated that in all his 40 years of practice, this case is the first that he has seen and he also did confirm that the man suffered multiple traumas.

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