Man and Motive Behind Planned Contract Killing of 3 Females Uncovered

Saturday, December 25, 2021, 1:31 PM

After the stint that saw a District Constable and 6 other persons arrested including a Teacher for a hit that allegedly was worth over 400,000 dollars, Wayne Lonesome Brown has spoken about the matter on his YouTube account, hinting at the motive behind the move.

On the program, Brown spoke about the hit being organized by a man who had his baby mother insight as a target for assassination. According to “Lonesome”, the man who orchestrated the hit to take place is currently residing overseas and did so because he had heard the news that his child’s mother had become lesbian along with two other females.


According to “Lonesome”, the man who ordered the hit had issues with the baby’s mother as it related to custody of the child, so he organized for the District Constable and others to bring out the operation for the sum that’s 100k below half a million JMD.

The initial reports made by the Jamaica Observer was that 28-year-old District constable Andrew Wright was arrested along with two others after the vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted and searched along the Washington Boulevard Road, resulting in a find of a tactical hybrid rifle, 3 handguns, several rounds of ammunition, and firearm magazines.

The house of the constable was also searched and to the Police’s surprise, they uncovered one uniform shirt, a black and red Police vest, two Police uniform pants, one ballistic vest containing a Police regulation number, four motor license plates, two pairs of handcuffs, 3 Glock 17 magazines, one plastic M16 magazine, one block 19 mag magazines firearm cleaning kit, 3 outside gun holsters, and 1 inside gun holster.

After the interception of the car on Washington Boulevard, all three men were slapped with charges for the illegal gun. Other persons were also implicated in the incident such as the teacher that was arrested, which is evidence that the operation was well planned but luckily for the Police, their intelligence came out on top as they caught the potential aggravates before they carried out the brutal act.

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