Man Chased by Angry Mob with Machete in Ocho Rios – Watch Video

In a bizarre and unsettling incident that unfolded in Ocho Rios, a video circulating on social media has left viewers with more questions than answers. The video captured a crowd frantically chasing a man through the picturesque town, raising questions about what led to this unusual pursuit.

The video begins with a man, alleged to be mentally unstable, sprinting from within the confines of a gas station near the Ocho Rios town centre. He was dressed in a red shirt and appeared to be wearing black cut-off jeans, his feet bare. As he took off, a sudden act of aggression from one individual within the crowd resulted in a kick thrown at the fleeing man.


Amid the chaos, two policewomen found themselves caught off guard as they appeared to exit the store inside the gas station. Onlookers were perplexed, with one bystander audibly questioning the man’s alleged transgressions, receiving no immediate answer.

The pursuing crowd included a man wearing a sky-blue shirt brandishing what appeared to be a long machete. Among them were three women, one of whom seemed to be in nursing attire. Tensions escalated further when a bystander shouted that the man had a knife.

Amid the chaos, a woman on the street got knocked down by the angry mob. The video concluded before revealing whether the man was caught, if he escaped, or if he ran to the police station.

See the video of the chase in Ocho Rios below:


The video shared on Instagram by @questimesofficial with the caption, “Ochi activ 🇯🇲” prompted a flurry of reactions from viewers. Some expressed curiosity about the man’s alleged offence and the motivations behind the chase.

See some of the comments below:

Ocho Rios

Others found a strange sense of humour in the situation, noting how everyone was running in slow motion as if they weren’t entirely committed to apprehending the man. Some viewers even commended the man for his apparent strategy of running towards the police station, implying that perhaps he sought refuge there.

See more of the comments below:

Ocho Rios

Speculations abound among viewers, with many assuming that the man might have committed a crime against one of the women who joined in the pursuit, prompting the crowd to intervene and give chase.

See one of the comments below:


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