Man Dies After Woman Weighing Over 200 Pounds Dive On Him At Party

A man died after allowing a woman weighing over 200 pounds to dive on him at a party.

According to a report by the Star, the 27-year-old construction worker of Hopewell in Hanover died following a dance off party last Tuesday.

The man reportedly chose the female which is estimated to be over 200pounds and decided to lie on the ground while she dived on him which is a popular dance move.

“He started to complain of pain in his (testicles) immediately, and we had to help him up and assisted him to get a taxi home,” an alleged eyewitness told the Star.

Reports are that he was taken to the hospital the said night where he died the following day.

Residents have since speculated that he died as a result of the woman with an estimated weight of over 200 pounds diving on him.

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Cunni Alonzo

Better him than me….

KerryAnn Wint

Nuff more a go die so! Damn idiot dem .A wey dance hall gone to.kmft

Leo King


Ruby Mitchell Bennett

This is a lie unless the man weight was 20 pound we talking about a man

Kerene Wright

Only hope they all learn from this now stupid act