Man Fatally Chop Girlfriend in Trelawny

A Manhunt has been launched for a man who is alleged to have partially severed his girlfriend’s head in Trelawny.

The accused man has been identified as Omar ‘Big-shot’ Bennett and the dead woman 41-year-old farmer Garcia Williams both from the parish.

In an article published by the Star, the Wait-a-Bit police in Trelawny reported that at about 9:15 a.m yesterday Williams went to do work on her farm at Green Town in the parish. While she was there a confrontation occurred between her and Bennett with whom she had been having arguments; it was further stated that Bennett used a machete to chop Williams in the neck, partially removing her head from her body, he then ran from the scene.

After the police were summoned by the residents they processed the crime scene and removed Williams to the Falmouth Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

One of William’s relatives reported that the two were in a common-law relationship, but she had recently told him to move out and that he had been issuing threats to her ever since.

“A don’t know wha wrong wid dem man yah nowadays,” says a relative.

The relative further stated that Williams was very hardworking but Bennett was very jealous he would accuse her of all kind of things. He says that they would be looking for him everywhere and it would be good for him if the police found him before they did because then it would not be pretty.

Superintendent Carlos Russell, commander of the Trelawny Police is appealing to Bennett to surrender. He expressed sadness at the domestic dispute that has left yet another female dead.

He is asking that residents who may have information that could lead to the apprehension of Bennett come forward.

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