Man Gets Dosed With Hot Water In Attempted Break-In – Watch Video

A homeowner took the phrase “in hot water” to the next level when the mysterious person threw piping hot water on a man who was trying to kick in their door. In the short clip, a man can evidently be seen kicking a door three times in an attempt to get the door open.

The video did not indicate the location where the incident took place; however, it is evident that it was shot by a CCTV camera.

After the attacker successfully got the door open, the person inside, without any hesitation, threw a container of scorching hot water at him. Frightened and afraid, the attacker ran in an attempt to make an escape while screaming in agony.

When he reached the end of the alley, a man who was seemingly his accomplice appeared, and they both ran away. The person inside the building quickly closed the door as they made their escape.

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The high temperature of the water could easily be identified on camera as water vapour erupted from the water being thrown at the assailant.

Watch the video of the attacker being dosed with hot water below:

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