UPDATE: Man Kills Pregnant woman and his 2 kids in Hanover… Minister Olivia Grange calls for Governmental action

April 25, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]According to reports 3 headless bodies were found this morning at an address in the parish of Hanover. Speculations are that this act was carried out by a very Jealous baby father.

According to the mother of diseased 38-year-old Abanique Cunningham, she left the house in the morning to attend to her daughters who seemingly lives with their father, an argument developed over who’s the father of her current unborn child after which the gruesome acts were carried out, first on the mother then on seven-year-old Jayanna Coote and four-year-old Sanique Coote.


All 3 persons were chopped to death. The father is currently in police custody.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia Grange in a release today condemned the triple murder, stating that “most horrific case of gender-based violence which I condemn in the strongest sense of the word”.

Minister Grange also said: “Governmental action is vital to prevent and end gender violence, but success requires people speaking up. I note that the police have made an arrest in this case, and I encourage anyone with any information that can assist in this case to make a report to the police”.


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