Man Maces Muslim Woman Then Gets Mobbed! – Watch Video

Thursday, September 22, 2022, 9:02 AM GMT-5

A man gets off his bike after parking, casually walks up to a Muslim woman in all black and wearing a Hijab, maces her, and briskly walks away. The woman was seemingly left in pain and her companions were shocked about the situation.

The assailant, wearing a bright red and white vertically striped shirt with long sleeves and dress pants mounts his bike to pull away, a bystander walks up to him and calmly says something. Ignoring the man, he tries to drive away but was caught by another individual from behind.


A mob quickly ensues.

The attacker is pulled from his motorcycle as the woman and her companions advance and he starts to be hit from multiple directions. The victim gets a few hits in, along with her friends, before the aggressor starts to flee.

He breaks away and tries to make a run for it while brandishing his pepper spray once more, but having lost his balance and fallen, he was quickly accosted by a man, who he tries to pepper spray but misses, and is surrounded by people in a matter of minutes who continue to beat him relentlessly.

Watch the video below:

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