Man Murdered After Taking The Wrong Path Home in Greater Portmore

In a sad story displaying a mother’s pain, a 28-year-old man was murdered in Greater Portmore, St. Catherine, after reportedly taking the wrong route home. An Instagram post about the crime sparked public outrage and sadness as people commented and expressed their thoughts on what should happen to the perpetrators of the heartbreaking killing.

The post tells the story of how Simpson reportedly diffused a feud between family members in Summerfield, Chapelton in Clarendon. Simpson waved his beloved 52-year-old mother, Suzan Reid, goodbye after reassuring her that everything was now okay and telling her not to worry because she was troubled with hypertension, according to the Jamaica Star.

Reid then went to bed happily, not knowing that the following day would bring the sad news of her son’s untimely passing. She reported receiving a call in the afternoon on Wednesday telling her that her son was murdered, which skyrocketed her blood pressure to 176/111.

Simpson was reportedly staying at a cousin’s place in Greater Portmore because of a plumbing contract he had received on the 25th of March. The contractor reportedly gave him a ride home, but he got off at an unknown entrance to the housing scheme. Allegedly, gunmen who regarded themselves as somewhat gatekeepers of the community mistook Simpson for someone from a rival community and killed him when he could not justify himself.

Simpson’s cousin was the one to get the job for him, but with the tragic turn of events, he expressed deep regret. His cousin reflected on getting a call from Simpson the night of the incident and told of hearing one of the attackers tell Simpson that he was going to die. Simpson then called his cousin a minute later to inform him that he had been shot and was in a field with a nearby gully, but because of the vague description of where he was, responding officers, along with the contractor and Simpson’s cousin, did not find him until it was too late.

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His traumatized mother has reportedly not been able to sleep as she tries to come to terms with her son’s death. She told the news that both her brother and husband were also killed gruesomely. Simpson was reportedly shot multiple times in the upper body. Lloyd Simpson reportedly had a daughter.

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