Man on the Run From the Police Dies After Hiding in a Freezer

Monday, July 10, 2023, 6:41 PM GMT-5

A thirty-four-year-old man from Minnesota, USA, reportedly died after unintentionally locking himself up in a freezer while on the run from police.

Reports state that the deceased, Brandon Lee Buschman, had an active warrant out for his arrest and was found dead by police in a chest freezer in the basement of an uninhabited house. Investigators are currently trying to pinpoint the date when Buschman was last seen.

According to multiple witnesses, the Minnesota man was last observed running from upstairs in the empty house. Police believe Buschman was possibly trying to evade police who were present in the area by entering the house and hiding in the freezer.

The results of a toxicology test conducted on Buschman have not returned, but no evidence of trauma or injury was found on his body during his autopsy.

The house has not been occupied since earlier this year, in February, and has been without electricity and other utilities since April of last year. Buschman’s remains were discovered on June 26.

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The Gilbert Police Department disclosed that the chest freezer in which Buschman was found was an older model with a latching mechanism on the outside of the freezer. This prevented the freezer’s door from being pushed open from the inside after being closed.

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