Jamaican Man Ordered to Pay 400,000 to Fiancee and Girlfriend After Posting Their Sex Videos Online

Friday, October 27, 2023, 8:44 AM GMT-5

In a court hearing that took place Thursday, in which a corporate area man confessed to posting sexual videos and pictures of his girlfriend and fiancee on the pornography website PornHub, he pleaded guilty to two counts of use of a computer for malicious communication. The man’s identity has been withheld in order to protect the identity of the victims of what is classified as cybercrime.


Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque, who will be in charge of determining the sentence to be given to the man, has vowed to set the correct judicial precedent that will be appropriate to the offence committed by the man.

The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court was informed on Thursday that the defendant had been in a relationship with two women, one of whom was his fiancee, and the other was his estranged girlfriend.

The videos shared online include footage of him engaging in sexual intercourse with the women and nude photos of them taken while he engaged in such activities. In the proceedings, the court heard that the defendant posted those illicit videos and photographs on the popular X-rated website.

According to the prosecutor, posting lewd content on PornHub was a hobby of the defendant because he had recorded sex with other women and posted them on the website in the past. The court heard that those women had not filed any charges against him for his conduct in the past.

The prosecutors added, “When the complainants asked him to remove the videos, he said he was not going to remove them until he gets paid by PornHub.”


Judge Cole-Montague addressed the guilty man by stating, “You are not going home today.” “He is a menace, young women are not safe with your little fingers.” She continued by declaring, “I have to make sure that when I am passing sentence, that the deterrent effect is felt.”

The defendant is levied to pay each victim $200,000 totalling $400,000, payments will start when he returns to court on December 18. Moreover, an order for obtaining his fingerprints was also made against him.


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