Man Performs CPR on Unresponsive Dog to Save Its Life – Watch Video

This video clip has been making rounds on the internet, it shows a man knelt on the ground giving a dog CPR as its owner looks on in fear for its life.

It would appear that the dog’s owner, a female was riding a bicycle which had the dog attached to it when the dog fainted.


The two-minute-long video started with the man dressed in red pants and a black top breathing air into the dog’s mouth, he then pumps the dog’s chest with his hands, and shortly after those actions, the dog started moving on the ground. The man then gently nursed the dog called “Stone” back to its feet.

It was all tail wiggling and joyful movements by the dog after the ordeal. During this moment the man explains that he knows the female owner and the dog for they had met before.

The female then explains that she was freaking out after the dog collapsed and athat they were on their routine morning run/walk.

Watch the video below:

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