Man Reportedly Drowned at River in Clarendon; Police Car Stuck After Going to Investigate – Watch Video

According to a short video clip circulating online, a Clarendon resident lost his life to the waters of the Sutton River in Chapelton, Clarendon, which also almost swallowed the police party that went to investigate.

The footage shows a clip of the Sutton River from a distance and after zooming in, a car can also be seen stuck headfirst in the shallow waters. According to the person taking the video, the car belongs to the members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) who came to take a look at the scene.

The audio stated, “Yow sitn nuh right caa see all e police dem come yah and e car stuck bredda. Sitn nuh right dung yah bredda. Police car come and stuck innah e river…”

Watch the short clip below:

After watching the video on Instagram, youngboy_jay._ said, “But a how it reach ova desso,” and kaycardene stated, “Why the police try cross the riva ina that is the real question.”

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