Man Shot in Half-Way-Tree

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 10:55 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]A number of persons who were gathered by the gully at Tangerine Place on Half-Way-Tree Road rejoiced because it was said that a thief was shot.

Sources revealed that a man who was an alleged homosexual who lives in the gully was among a group of men who has been robbing persons in the area of their cell phones and causing problems, He was shot by a licensed firearm holder during an attempted robbery.


Bystanders, who saw what happened, spoke about the huge number of persons who were robbed every day and how they were glad that the robber was hurt before he escaped in the gully. They are hoping that there will be an end to the problems people have been facing because of these robbers.

Not long after the incident occurred, a Fire truck was on the scene and the persons removed a manhole cover and searched for the injured man. They reported that they saw the trail of blood but they were not able to find the man.
Most of the onlookers showed no sympathy for the injured man because they knew of many persons who were robbed in the area, and he was not found after that.

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