Man Shows Female Officer His Manhood to Prove It’s Not a Weapon – Watch Video

A video emerged showing the thrilling moments a man of African-American descent is seated in the driver’s side of a motor vehicle and is cornered by a female officer who forces him to expose himself to prove that the bulge in his pants is not a concealed weapon.

In the 25-second clip, the two had a back-to-back conversation in which the man asserts that his protruding manhood is the weapon in question. However, in disbelief, the officer propositions him to show her the contents inside of his pants.

The conversation between the two started with the female saying, “I thought you weren’t packing a weapon,” to which the civilian responded, “I don’t have a weapon.” She continued by saying, “Then how do you explain that, what’s that?”

“That’s not a weapon that’s my dick,” he said. Still in disbelief, she told him to stop trying to be wise and to prove her wrong, “You better f*cking show me cause I don’t want you carrying a weapon. Let me see if that’s not a weapon.”

Without hesitation, the man starts to undress. The video then came to an abrupt.

Watch the interaction between the two below:

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