Woman Body Slams a Man During Fight – Watch Video

A man apparently underestimated the fighting abilities of a woman he started punching in the street during what seemed to have been a conflict. His attempt to beat her up abruptly stopped when the woman lifted him into the air and executed a body slam. The incident has surfaced online, showing the physical altercation that started with the attacker throwing the first punch and ended with the female landing the last blow. 

At the start of the video, the two were speaking a different language, which sounded to be French, as the woman retreated. Seconds later, the guy attacked the female, punching her repeatedly. While he was hitting her, she managed to swoop him off the ground and throw him onto the cobbled pavement.

They both went down together, but she quickly started to hit him as he tried to shield his face. The victim stood and began to stomp on his head while the man lie on the ground cowering from the blows. Subsequently, a third individual pulled her away while a fourth person stood alongside the man, who did not appear to be badly hurt.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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