Man Who Attacked Judge in Court Returns Wearing a Facemask to Be Sentenced by Same Judge – Watch Video

Monday, January 8, 2024, 7:26 PM

Following his violent attack on the judge during his sentencing, felon Deobra Redden returned to court heavily guarded and masked to receive his sentence from the same judge.

Found guilty of attempted battery, Redden was scheduled to be sentenced in Las Vegas on January 3. However, the convict quite literally launched an attack on the presiding judge, Mary Kay Holthus, while in court, sprinting from beside his attorney and leaping over the judge’s bench.


Redden was restrained by multiple members of law enforcement and subsequently placed in isolation under the most restrictive classification for inmates at the Clark County Jail, a “2C” inmate. Despite suffering minor injuries to her head during the attack, Judge Holthus returned to court on Monday to conclude Redden’s sentencing.

Unlike his previous appearance in court, Redden was heavily guarded, with two officers remaining by his side during the sentencing. Redden was also placed in a facemask, handcuffs, and hand covers to prevent a repeat of Wednesday’s attack.

Before handing down Redden’s sentence, Judge Holthus highlighted that she did not change or modify the sentence she had planned to give him before he attacked her. Sharing Redden’s fate with the court, Holthus sentenced the felon to 19–48 months in prison.

Following his sentencing, Redden will return to court on Tuesday, as he is currently facing 13 charges connected to his attack on Holthus.

Watch the video below.

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