Man Attacks Judge In Courtroom During Sentencing – Watch Video

Wednesday, January 3, 2024, 8:40 PM GMT-5

Footage of the moment a male attacked a female Judge on Wednesday, January 3, in a Las Vegas courtroom is now making rounds online.

Judge Mary Kay Holthus was presiding over the sentencing of Delone Redden minutes before midday, unhappy with the outcome of the proceeding, Redden decided to leap over the bench and attack the judge.

The attack on the judge which lasted for a few moments, resulted in the attacker being beaten and restrained by law enforcers.

As per reports, the Judge suffered minor injuries to the head while multiple law enforcers also suffered minor injuries but none severe.

According to reports, last April, Redden threatened to bust the kneecaps of a male, “resulting in substantial bodily harm.” He had pleaded guilty late last year, however, missed court earlier and was facing sentencing on Wednesday.

As shown in his released footage, Redden tried to convince the judge that he’s a changed man despite his troubled past. However, as soon as the judge was about to seemingly hand down his sentence, he attacked.

Watch the proceedings below:

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