Manchester United Fans Break onto Pitch Ahead of Liverpool Match in “Glazers Out” Protest

The match between Manchester United and Liverpool is in doubt after thousands of fans protest outside of the stadium and also the hotel where the Man-U players are staying at. United who is currently second place in the league could see their match today postponed are re-scheduled after many(hundreds) of the protesters managed to get inside the stadium and onto the pitch.

The match is scheduled to kick off an hour from now and there are talks of preventing the bus from reaching the ground. This latest protest is a carry-on from the last two weeks with this one being far bigger than the others.

The protest came after the Glazers who are the owners of Manchester United tried to set up a super league in Europe whereby only the traditional top teams from the region would have participated. Many persons argue that this was a move by the greedy rich owners to fill their pockets with more money while undermining the lower clubs in England and Europe.

Latest report is that the fans have left the pitch however several of them took items from the pitch which will need to be replaced before the match starts.

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