Manhunt For Jamaican Man Who KILLED Mother and Baby in Florida

September 11, 2021

The United States authorities are now looking for a 21-year-old Jamaican man named Doujon Duwayne Griffiths who is suspected to have carried out a double homicide in Orlando Florida. The tragic event surrounds the lives of a family consisting of a father whose name has not been identified, a mother by the name of Carlie, and their daughter; Karlie.

According to the reports, the suspect is reported to have been very close friends of the couple and was even living at their house. The father was shot on Tuesday but regained consciousness on Thursday, telling the police that it was Doujon who shot him and his girlfriend.


Based on the information released by the Police which they got from the father while in hospital, it is said that Doujon was travelling in a car with the couple and their child when he allegedly pulled the father out of the vehicle then proceeded to shoot him multiple times.

The reports are that he then drove the car away with the mother and the child in it, they were later found dead in the vehicle in a parking lot.

This information was also confirmed to be true by the mother of Carla who named the suspect to be Doujon Griffiths.

Since the incident unfolded, persons have raised speculations surrounding the facts of the Homicides. Many people have been assuming that the suspected man had both the mother and the child; however, the police reported that the baby passed away after being locked in the vehicle for several days where her mom was also killed.

Other assumptions surrounding the violent circumstances include people tying in the horrific event to scamming however, that has not been proven as yet to be true.

According to the mother of the deceased woman, and grandmother of the child, the couple took Dujuon in, when he was just coming to the states for the first time to live and also stating that it was her who gave him a push start with $100. She went on further, in pain to express that she did not know the man was capable of such a heinous Act.

In her anger, she spoke out on the matter with hopes that when this suspect is found he is dealt with on the grounds of no mercy, and makes him suffer for what he did.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has also issued a message for the airports, to check their departure on arrival to see if there is any evidence that he might have travelled. In their need to help they also requested that the residents that housed the suspect be investigated, for evidence of where he might be at this time.

One person read the news and commented, “No matter the circumstances they didn’t deserve to die. This is just heartless and heartbreaking” while another said, “This is such a heartless wicked act. My condolences to both families. That poor baby most especially did not deserve to pass away like that.”


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