Marion Hall and Carlene Davis Putting Out a New Gospel Song

Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 9:59 AM GMT-5

[Sharingbuttons]Former dancehall star Lady Saw who is now Marion Hall is now making Gospel music with Carlene Davis. Carlene’s album which is scheduled to be launched on Friday has singles and the third single “Pray For Me” is a song she did with Minister Marion Hall.

Marion Hall who got baptized in 2015 and then went to the Fort Augusta prison to as she says that is where the Lord had sent her. She was scared to go on her own as she was a young Christian and decided to ask Carlene and her husband Tommy Cowan to accompany her and they all went and did what they could. Carlene ministered in song and Marion just talked. 

It wasn’t long after, that Carlene was working on a project and thought Marion had the right voice for a special part in one of the songs. It took them a while to get together and start working on the music, but they eventually got it done and it turned out quite nicely.

Hall likes the new song a lot, she says it sounds like a young hip song and she is excited about it, she feels that a lot of young people who are not saved will like listening to it. 
Carlene believes the song will cause Jamaicans to become united as it reminds persons of the power of prayer and togetherness.

The album will be the 11th one that Carlene will be releasing and she says music is evolving and even though some persons say she is iconic she will do what makes her happy. 

“We’re expecting great things with this album “, she said. She finds the production stage of the work to be liberating. The album is scheduled to be released in the summer, at the time when the teenagers are on holidays. 
Davis is concerned about the youth and how much they need guidance and as a Jamaican, she wants to do her part to encourage them to choose the right path. “The album is pure heart”, said Carlene.

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