Marion Hall Speaks Out Against Women With Cosmetic Surgery: “She Look Like a Donkey. Yuh Pad Di Donkey Too Much” – Watch Video

Minister Marion Hall expressed her views plainly in her latest online sermon, as she took aim at women with cosmetic surgery and described them as “donkeys.”

Hall, who has ignited controversy over her image and how she chooses to flaunt it, has proudly declared in the past that she has a blessed natural body and has never had to turn to cosmetic surgery. Armed with her Bible and decked out in a trench coat, shades, and fascinator, the former dancehall artiste took to the pulpit during her Sunday service, creating yet another viral moment.


During an intense segment of Hall’s sermon, the Sorry To Hurt Your Feelings singer passionately addressed the latest trend of getting Brazilian butt lifts (BBL). Hall expressed that the women who had these surgeries done were left with hideous results.

“Woman put on bottom, and she look like a donkey. Yuh pad the donkey too much, and di donkey jus a draw suh. And people look at dat and tink it look good. It don’t look good [ … ] Yuh look like yuh refurbish. Like a man come refurbish yuh place, and it nuh done good,” Hall stated.

The gospel singer went on to call out women who had lip fillers and breast implants, comparing the surgical enhancements to swollen bee stings and hard rocks. Hall noted that the results of the surgeries were unattractive, despite people not wanting to admit it, but declared that she was not afraid to speak out.

Watch the video below.


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