Marion Hall Warns Brit About Taking Gifts From The “Devil”, Brit Sends Back Nicki Minaj’s Gifts, Nicki Unfollows Brit – Watch Videos

Rumour has it that Nicki Minaj and Brittany Goffe are no longer cordial after Brit sent Nicki gifts on TikTok. The social media platform has been buzzing with unfolding drama regarding the Queen of Rap and Brit, the always-viral TikTok sensation.

Based on what is being said on the platform, the strange situation between Brit and Nicki stemmed from a live stream that Minister Marion Hall did, warning Brit about accepting gifts from the “devil.”


As everyone knows, Nicki Minaj expressed her love for Brit on more than one occasion and showered her with TikTok gifts. Gifts were not the only thing that was sent to Brit since the TikToker said that she and Nicki exchanged messages.

During Minister Hall’s Livestream, she urged Brit to “run” and change her life while saying, “When the devil give you gifts, you have to pay him back. But you have to pay him, not just one time, you’re gonna constantly pay him. You will never stop paying back the devil for the gifts that he gave you.”

Watch the video of Marion Hall below:


Some days later, Brit sent Nicki Minaj gifts on TikTok, leading some to say she is hype and disrespectful, while others say it is simply a display of love for the Queen of Rap.

Watch the video of Brit sending Nicki gifts below:

However, it was later revealed that Nicki Minaj unfollowed Brit, who was the only person she was following on TikTok. This ignited many speculations that Nicki might be upset with Brit for sending the gifts, while others said the unfollowing was no big deal since some claimed that Brit and Nicki were still friends behind the scenes.


Despite people flooding Nicki’s TikTok page with questions about why she unfollowed Brit, the Trinidadian rapper did not answer. She did, however, leave comments saying, “Yes. Bless up Barbie Brit. I didn’t know them tel har fi send back the gifts to the devil. So may she soar higher now.”

“When your heart clean you’ll always feel the urge to help others. I don’t need a thing. From anyone. Lol. Glory be to GOD,” she added. “Yes & I love her & will continue to support her. It’s not her mi a talk bout babes. Jealousy is as cruel as the grave.”


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